Diavù Quadraro Show!

Grazie a Daniele e a HD TV One per il servizio e per la descrizione ;)

This is a performance of the artist David (Diavù) Vecchiato.
Quadraro, one of the most multi-etnic subdivision of Rome.
Once again Quadraro is on the spot, during the successful FESTA della SOSTENIBILITA' Associazione Punto di Svista has invited Artist Diavù to perform his art on a degraded wall at Via dei Lentuli.
David performed a wonderful Murales which represent, trough imaginary character, how resident of Quadraro perceive the social condition of their Subdivision.

As David it self explained us, his Murales want to be like a silent voice of disappointing for how Quadraro is abandoned, but, never the less, his characters show trust in the future because Non-Profit Organizations work and pledge to show that a better Word is possible with everybody small contribution.
Diavù has well captured the full spirit of the initiative, and his art, that can be seen free on Via dei Lentuli, is just about this.
David performs and exhibits his Art across Italy and World, his work include, but is not limited to, Cartoon, Painting, Singer, he curates art shows and collaborates also with major Italian Magazine and write on Art Catalog and Art Review magazine distributer National Wide.

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